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Millennial Impact


Empowering Atlanta through strategic action and cutting-edge technology, Millennial Impact drives positive social change by actively partnering with non-profits to combat human trafficking and advance cancer prevention.


Empowering a healthier, safer world through the combined power of technology, collaboration, and relentless innovation. We envision Millennial Impact as a global catalyst for positive change, eradicating human trafficking, conquering cancer through prevention, and elevating communities worldwide.

Core Pillars:

Human Trafficking Prevention

Together, dismantling the networks of exploitation and empowering survivors - Millennial Impact is committed to erasing human trafficking from Atlanta through strategic partnerships and technology-driven solutions.

Technology-Driven Cancer Prevention

Through strategic partnerships and innovative technology solutions, Millennial Impact empowers organizations to prevent cancer, saving lives and fostering healthier communities. We envision a future where technology is a key weapon in the fight against cancer, and Millennial Impact stands as a leading force, driving innovation and collaboration to achieve widespread prevention.

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